Schools-to-Space® Participates in Brevard County School District’s STEM Mini-Conference



On September 28th, 2015, SpaceTEC®’s Schools-to-Space® participated in Brevard County School District’s STEM Mini-Conference.  Representatives from School-to-Space® spoke with nearly 300 STEM instructors throughout the day, and introduced them to SpaceTEC®’s Schools-to-Space® Program.  Teachers learned about the new Schools-to-Space website,, and how to use it as a resource for themselves and their students.  The teachers were informed about the free STEM educator workshops that SpaceTEC® provides, such as “Teaching Human Space Flight in the Secondary Classroom” and “Classroom Laboratory at the Edge of Space: Introducing the Mini-Cube Program,”  and various presentations available for students such as “What it was Like to Work on the Space Shuttle.”  Also discussed was the upcoming M-STEM conference and STEM educator workshops ( hosted by SpaceTEC® in Cocoa Beach on November 1-3 2015 that the STEM educators could attend.