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Schools-to-Space Outreach flyer

“I Want to be an Astronaut” Movie flyer

“I want to be an Astronaut” Movie

What was it like to work on the Space Shuttle from an Aerospace Technician’s point of view flyer

STEM Educator Workshops Flyer

Schools-to-Space Brochure



build-a-spacecraft –  credit NASA

launch manual – credit SpaceTEC

Classroom Laboratory at the Edge of Space: Introducing the Mini-Cube Program

Lesson Plans/Educator Resources

NASA for Educators

Teachers in Space

JP Aerospace (

Dr. Sky

Spanish translations of stories from Science@NASA

Marshall Space Flight Center Educator Resources

International Science Center

Kid cosmos

Centennial of Flight

David Darling

PBS Earth/Space Science Resources

Amazing Space

Smithsonian Air and Space Educator Resources

NASA for Educators

NASA Current Opportunities for Informal Educators

Goddard Space Flight Center “From Stargazers to Starships” Lesson Plans

Goddard Space Flight Center “Imagine the Universe” Lesson Plans

NASA JPL Educator Site

NASA Educator Resources

Discovery Education Science Lesson Plans

Discovery Education Understand Space Travel

Discovery Education Space Milestones

European Space Agency Human Spaceflight and Exploration Lesson Plans

Endeavour Teacher Resources

DLESE Educator Space Resources

Why do we explore space?

National Museum of the Air Force

Lesson Planet Spaceflight lesson plans

Food in Space


Eagle Lander

Explore Earth, Moon, and Mars in 3D

Explore Earth and the other planets

Kerbal EDU

Kerbal Space Program

Why is there an American flag on the Moon?

Astronaut Biography Spring Term Paper for Science

Astronaut Biography Rubric Grade Sheet

How to Take Notes


SQ3R Graphic Organizer

Writing Effectively

Space Engine

NASA Mars Posters Zip file



World Wide Telescopes


Free Paper Models

Currell Space Models

Free Spacecraft Model Kits

Mercury Redstone Rocket

Free Card Models of Spacecraft

Niels Links to Free Paper Models

Ninfinger Free Paper Models





Paper Globes of Planets


Space News Media


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